5 Jan ’05


I have about as much enthusiasm as a council building being sprayed by a disgruntled farmer and his trustee slurry spreader.
3 Jan ’05

New Year

So the Holidays will end in less than 2 hours and the first day of work begins. A new year and my fledgling career will hopefully […]
30 Dec ’04


I hope everyone had a lovely christmas! I know I did. There is a new vids section
24 Dec ’04


Merry Christmas everyone
20 Dec ’04

tutu puppies

Another late night at the office. – Mind you it has been months since I last did this. My biggest worry is that I am gonna […]
19 Dec ’04

tree unfelling

Sat I did nowt. JP and I erected the Christmas tree, I hung out with my bro for a bit and then Tika came round late […]
18 Dec ’04


Jus been speaking to Richieboyo on messenger. Jimmers wee sibling is in Nepal and while I am here in the office knocking my gonads together for […]
12 Dec ’04

vegifying my mind

Today I have continued on the vegetate mood and done nothing all day. – Gonna try do some paper work or summat.
9 Dec ’04


I seem to be stuck in a rut of self sorry feeling. Normally I would feel bad for a couple of days but this has been […]