26 Nov ’04


I now bring to you….The Office Gimp. (its on the left too) When you are at work and are bored you can have a look at […]
25 Nov ’04


Employment in Hawaii Young mid 20s male seeks employment in hawaii. Ideally, easy going beach based work preferred. Will work in media & new media, will […]
24 Nov ’04


Been thinking alot about Bob today. He is a good good friend. I need to fundraise for him so he can add to his travel funds!
22 Nov ’04


That was another blindingly good weekend. I am absolutely knackered but it was ace. I got to Sandra’s place about 2 in the afternoon on Saturday […]
19 Nov ’04

goddaddy duties

Off to GLASGEE tomorrow for the weekend where the role of Godfather starts officially!!!! It should be a fun weekend. I fly from Heathrow and get […]
18 Nov ’04

ebay d******d

eBay dispute Article updated!!!! Question – This eBay dork, How should I handle the conversation with him?!!!!! AGGRESSIVE or t i m i d ? Not […]
17 Nov ’04

eBay Dork!

Today has been a busy but highly amusing one too. Just been working with 2 kids who made me loose it quite a few times – […]
15 Nov ’04

moped terrorist

These are just funny. – I bought a biker balaclava for the moped during winter:
15 Nov ’04


JAMES PEARCE IS A BASTARD!!! Why is it that when you stroke someone’s ego it can be a very bad thing and it is not reciprocated??? James’ […]