18 Mar ’16

"Titties!" This is how my lil boy says "Toothies" which is what we say after their bottle and before its time to brush their teeth. Having kids is the most fun I've ever had. #toddlers #twinsofinstagram #DaddysBoy #POTD

17 Mar ’16

Happy St Patrick's Day!He's associated with Ireland, booze and Christianity but sometimes we forget that he was also a slave.He was #trafficked from England to work. #ModernSlavery is still a massive issue. Today there are 20.9 million estimated slaves worldwide. We CAN make a difference. Charities like @HopeforJustice are making a huge difference in the UK and across the world by rescuing those being trafficked, lobbying the government about the issues surrounding #HumanTrafficking and making people aware of the signs of trafficking.On this Paddy's Day, as we remember this legendary dude, let's think on his experience as someone who was trafficked and also the millions of people currently held in slavery.I really recommended following/supporting @HopeforJustice because they are an amazing organization making a really positive difference. www.hopeforjustice.org #stpatricksday #paddysday #paddysday16 #twinsofinstagram #POTD

15 Mar ’16

A rare moment with both of them looking at the camera. This has the feel of a photo they'll be embarrassed by later in life. #BookmarkedForLater #twinsofinstagram #chubsters #POTD

13 Mar ’16

#StoryTime with @rufus2612 #twinsofinstagram #lazysunday #POTD

12 Mar ’16

Just home from a lovely afternoon with my babies while @rufus2612 is out doing girly things. We've been to see Auntie Angie and Uncle Andrew, we've had a walk around #Acton we've been on the swings, the slides and the spinny-abouty-thingy and now we're home having tea. #twinsofinstagram #selfie #Parenting #ParentingLikeABoss #TwinHustle #POTD

8 Mar ’16

It's #InternationalWomansDay #iwd2016 and it's our 8th wedding #anniversary.It feels fitting that both land on the same day. I may be slightly biased but I do feel confident in saying that I got to share my life with the best woman in the world.@rufus2612 is an amazing wife and mother and I feel so blessed and lucky to be able to wake up next to her every day.Happy Anniversary my love.And to all other women out there. You don't need a special day to mark your significance. I'm sorry that the world has been dominated by men for so long. You are all amazing and should be recognised that way every day not just today. #POTD

5 Mar ’16

Enjoying the #SignsOfSpring at #KewGardens today. (Twins successfully napping… For now) #POTD

3 Mar ’16

It's this kind of thing that makes me appreciate being an #AppleMac user. #Windows machines always overly complicate the simplest things. #Microsoft #Fail #tech #POTD

3 Mar ’16

#opportunistic – exploiting immediate opportunities, especially regardless of planning or principle. #POTD