Why are fixies so popular?

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Just watched this vid on Vimeo after watching a few different fixie vids and I’m left with a very genuine question.

I ask this question not as a criticism but as bike rider to another group of bike riders.

Why fixies? I’ve always been a mountain biker. Years ago I used to race downhill and you would often find me at my local dirt-jump spot and sometimes riding streets and skate parks. it all felt natural and there was always a sense of flowing with the lines.

When i watch fixies doin it, there seems to be no fluidity. There’s no smoothness to the tricks, it appears to lack flow. I see these guys riding and it all looks so jerky and unnatural. It looks like its really difficult.

Then I start asking myself some other obvious questions like:

  • Why are they trying to pull of tricks with such large frames? Small frames are MUCH easier to control! Small frames weigh less too so there’s less metal to heft.
  • Will you not end up with grotesquely disproportioned leg muscles due to the lack of free-wheeling?
  • What did fixies evolve from? Roadies/MTBers/BMXers?

I just don’t get it! It looks harder, heavier, more awkward and less fun! – I can’t see the appeal.

Someone please explain it to me!

To balance this out check out the Master of things Bikery: Chris Akrigg

Googlers! #POTD

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Today we had an team of amazing Google Developers come in to give their time and advice on a project we are developing at work.

They gave us some really great insight and advice and were generally all brilliant! Really lovely bunch of people whom we hope to work with in the future!

Good times!

1.7f Lets get more creative! #POTD #4000thPost

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Photo Of The Day has been going on for over a year now but the last 3/4 months I lost the discipline which has not helped.

The idea behind it was to be creative and force myself to be creative by taking a photo each day which it did do for the most part but I think I just became lazy.

I want to think about how to push this again for the next 6 months. Up until now the majority of the photos were shot on my HTC Desire and this was down to convinience. I can span a photo, adjust it how I want and then upload on the spot.

My wish is to make more use my GF1 and the gorgeous Pentax lens I have which my epic brother bought for me a while back. This is a little difficult as it would mean thinking more proactivley but it’s not beyond me. Would be interested in any Opinions/Tips/Ideas you may have.

Sadly this is not a new idea  – I thought this up here and did nowt about it!