20 Dec ’13

#Christmas Film Club Carnage

Last official film club ends with a Christmas special. We’re watching "It’s a wonderful life". The teenagers are loving it.
17 Dec ’13

DIY Bike Storage Solution

We’ve been living in our first floor flat for over a year now and we still had the issue of two bikes at the top of […]
14 Dec ’13

Christmas Tree is up #Potd

10 Dec ’13

Foggy sunrise #Potd

Was out prwyer walking with the mighty Steven Visser and the sun broke through the clouds in this glorious fashion. We both just stopped and stared […]
8 Dec ’13

Amazing winter sky. #Potd

1 Dec ’13

Church Christmas tree is up. #Potd

30 Nov ’13

Craneset #POTD

The sun sets over the construction site of D**ken’s yard in ealing.
28 Oct ’13

Really weird light #UKStorm #POTD

Just glanced out my window when it got really dark all of a sudden and saw that the light had changed to this weird intense yellow. […]
24 Oct ’13


This morning I have had a guest. Bramwell is ridiculously cute! W A N T !