16 May ’12

Me an ma fro #POTD #Afro

Letting my hair grow yo to an Afro fuzz.
15 May ’12

New loo view #POTD

12 May ’12

Bathroom #POTD

11 May ’12

Tree #POTD

5 May ’12

New Drives #POTD

21 Apr ’12

Birth of our favela

Friday eve 13th Apr 2012 – I arrived home to this sight! A brief explanation. Having not seen our downstairs neighbor since late November I went to the police […]
15 Apr ’12

The iceberg grows. #POTD

The lads downstairs have been clearing out for two days and only now is the floor visible. We are lucky the whole place didn’t burst into […]
13 Apr ’12

The tip if the iceberg #POTD

The landlord if the flat downstairs has started the epic job of clearing it out after our neighbor disappeared months ago. Its quite sad as he […]
11 Apr ’12

Pigging out. #POTD