29 Sep ’13

Smoothie Dreggs #POTD

26 Aug ’13

Big Brownie #POTD

Cooking brownies and lookin forward to the noms.
24 Aug ’13

Two Years

This weekend represents the two year birthday of this freelancing lark which for me is a resounding success. A few weeks ago I reached a milestone with […]
20 Aug ’13

A walk with @rufus2612 #POTD

Having been house bound for nearly two weeks I was keen to get out for a walk and we were rewarded with some beautiful summer evening […]
16 Aug ’13

Flu Diet #POTD

3 Aug ’13

Yeovil Hill #potd

It’s my day off and I’m currently walking up this hill in Yeovil.
24 Jul ’13

Date night in Richmond #POTD

5 Jul ’13

WOHOO! We have our 101 Winner @NewWineUK

A while back I had the idea of a giveaway to celebrate the fact that I’ve had a lot of work on. WE HAVE A WINNER! […]
11 Jun ’13

Sleepy wifey #POTD @rufus2612