9 Jun ’13

The Mighty Clive Mear #BigIf #POTD

Yesterday was a brilliant day working for Tearfund with Aaron Koch form Migongo Films. We got to hangout with the brilliant Clive Mear and watch him […]
7 Jun ’13

I am LOVING Vine!

If you haven’t checked out Vine yet then you should! I flippin LOVE it! The above was taken during this eve’s film club.
6 Jun ’13

101 Jobs Give away

Work has gone quite well since beginning back in August 2011. We’re still not earning huge amounts but its been growing steadily. This has been massively […]
5 Jun ’13

The Orange FAIL Saga: Series #whatever…

Over the past 2 weeks from 13th May I knew my contract was coming up for renewal so I started to think about what I would want to […]
30 May ’13

Most ironic spam email ever!

dѧvid via Compfight I manage and run a few websites for different clients and along with that is dealing with the spam that some of them […]
27 May ’13

Happy Birthday WordPress

It’s the tenth WordPress of the awesome and brilliant WordPress platform. WordPress has been a key tool for me over the past few years and has […]
27 May ’13

Best Wife Ever #POTD @rufus2612

Out for our first proper bike ride!
23 May ’13

Just becasue….

No explanation needed!
17 May ’13

New Ident for Digital Creative

Idents are an important part of a production companies a**enal. They are a way of attributing work in  an impactful way and over the years I’ve made several different ones: The […]