15 Feb ’13

Film Club night #potd

14 Feb ’13


(OvO) via Compfight Just realized how many internet services I use in a day and how interconnected I am in the digital world. So far today […]
13 Feb ’13
XP install

XP on a Mac?

Currently installing XP in Virtual Box on my Mac! I know, I should feel ashamed for installing any windows products on a Mac but I need to […]
12 Feb ’13

Pancake Teusday #Potd

Making pancakes and the epic Bethany Aldridge created this masterpiece.
12 Feb ’13

Coding code

Been working on a few things today but one of the items is a social-stream consisting of content from different sources being pulled in to a wall and […]
5 Feb ’13


It’s really really busy at the moment which is great! It’s a little manic but then it’s that time fo year where all the New Year […]
2 Feb ’13

Yummy Ealing sunset #potd

While walking up to Ealing I snapped these. Love.the light.
2 Feb ’13

Spotless sky #potd

What a glorious morning. Off to a day of personal development doing the Growing Leaders Course. But first, to a certain high street eatery for some […]
29 Jan ’13

Tax return Win!

Just finished my first Tax Return and paid it and figured out we owe ourselves a tidy little rebate! Woot Woot!