Is Spring coming? POTD

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I rode to work for the first time this year. I was thinking it would be warm as it has been getting milder….it wasn’t. It hurt….my lungs don’t like me right now. Loved being back on the bike though.

This shot was a lone flower in a flower bed i saw on my way to get some lunch.

Oh snap! POTD @sharecreative

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Both Wifey and I bought cards for each other from the same place. We don’t like the way in which this day has been commercialized and we don’t want to feel like we have to buy in to it at massive expense. These cards help to fight slavery and human trafficking and that’s much more worthy of our cash. You can find these guys on Twitter: @treatsomeone and online at: http://www.treatsomeonespecial.com/

Fogtastic Beauty – POTD

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On my way to work this morning and as I was passing the entrance to Syon Park when i noticed this wall of fog rolling along the river so i stopped and snapped these with my GF1.

I got some stunning results!