Photo of the day.

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Beard in need of a trim. The battery for my trimmer has been flat for over a week as I had misplaced the charger. It’s usually 10 days of no trimming that I hit the “itch threshold”. That is the time when the beard hairs suddenly start to itch frantically. This began this evening while Ruth and I were out for a stroll.

Thankfully I found the charger and hopefully in an hour or so I will be less itchy faced.

I learnt on you – POTD

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This is the guitar I learnt to play on.

I love it.

It’s older than me so it has that beautiful sound that only an old instrument gets as it ages.

Sadly it’s my Dad;s and they live in Ireland.

He did update his will recently…..

Photo of the day.

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Christmas tree in the parents house. Love it. Tweaked in photoshop express on my HTC Desire. Seems the exif data is being killed by PhotoShop though which is quite annoying.

Photo of the day

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This is one of my favourite places on earth. Killiney Beach, Dublin, Ireland.

I’ve walked down here so many times as a boy and its so much better doing it with a wife.