15 Jan ’18

New video: Premiere Pro Sync tool works! Irishmark.net/latestvideo Link also in bio. #vlogger #PremierPro #PremierePro #POTD

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15 Jan ’18

Premiere Pro’s Synchronize actually worked

15 Jan ’18

DC Studio Vlog Introduction – My reasons for starting.

14 Jan ’18

We built a #lego tower with an airplane launch thing and the airplane was heavily “decorated”. #DaddingHard #DadLife #CreativePlay #POTD

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11 Jan ’18

Had a great day at work yesterday (@digitalcreativeuk) shooting a music video for @jamesperrymanmusic at @oaktreeacton. 😴️🥁 #filmmaking #freelance #Freelancers #shooting #directing #MusicVideoShoot #GreenScreen #POTD

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7 Jan ’18

A beautiful but very cold walk to church at @oaktreeacton this afternoon via the park. #familyandfriends #love #wintersun #POTD

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4 Jan ’18

The obligatory #FirstDay of #nursery photos for #OandA and @rufus2612 and I are feeling proud and worried and overjoyed and like they are #GrowingUpFast . . . #NurseryKids #NurseryKidsOfInstagram #twins #twinsofinstagram #Twinstagram #BoyGirlTwins #PreSchoolers #preschoolersofinstagram #POTD

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3 Jan ’18

Another first for @rufus2612 and I as we prep the #twins packed lunch for their first day at #nursery tomorrow! #SoSoon #GrowingUpFast #POTD

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31 Dec ’17

My #2017BestNine is full of the #twins as expected. #POTD

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25 Dec ’09

Thankful For Jesus

img source – interesting JESUS? Today we remember you. Today is the day we remember your birth and when you started your incredible journey. I really […]
24 Dec ’09

Thankful for My Wife

My Wife One of strongest things about me is my Wife. In fact i would say that she probably stronger than  all my qualities put together. […]
23 Dec ’09

Thankful For Parents

Parents Our parents deserve the most respect out of any people we know. They are responsible for so much. I am so lucky to have had […]
22 Dec ’09

Thankful for my bro

I realized that the birthday wish to my bro doubles up as this post so go look at that post
21 Dec ’09

Thankful for Sisters

Sisters I have two wonderfully amazing sisters. These two women are truly inspirational. My two sisters, Sandra and Angie have loved me as their little brother […]
20 Dec ’09

Thankful for Friends

Friends Friends keep us grounded Friends challenge us Friends bring us good times Friends are there when we’re down Friends help in difficult times Friends grant […]
19 Dec ’09

Thankful for Nieces & Nephews

Nieces & Nephews The above picture is one of my many nieces. This is Leah. She is one of the cutest little babies i think i […]
18 Dec ’09

Thankful for our home

Our Home According the the UK government there are over 10500 people who have applied for homeless accommodation in the last quarter of this year and […]
17 Dec ’09

Thankful for my Health

My Health There is an ironic theme today because as i write this i am feeling really l ill with a horrible chesty cold and a […]