12 Dec ’18

Officelapse 2

5 Dec ’18

Ashanks Silent Motorised Camera Slider First Test

29 Nov ’18

TattLapse – Failed

16 Nov ’18

Office TidyLapse

9 Nov ’18

PlayAndPray Logolapse

30 Oct ’18

Edit screens Lightroom session

30 Oct ’18

East Pier #Lightroom session

27 Sep ’18

#Throwback to #Focus18 and my little shed accommodation thing. #ThrowbackThursday still a thing? #POTD

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27 Sep ’18

#Throwback to our #radrobinsonsummerholidays at #glendalough with this little one. #MyHeart #daddyslittlegirl #MyLittleChicken #POTD

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2 Oct ’16


We did it! They did it! Is been an amazing but long day and we are proud but happy parents. Here’s to the next year of […]
2 Apr ’16

18 Months

We stopped the monthly shots at 12 months but said we’d do one at 18 and then annually. Each time we hit these milestones I honestly […]
2 Oct ’15

12 Months

Today feels like the most significant birthday I’ve ever celebrated for someone. It feels quite selfish to say so because it’s my babies’ and not some […]
2 Sep ’15

11 Months

We made it to 11 months! This is nuts! We did it!
2 Aug ’15

10 Months

We made it to 10 months!  Woooooooooh.
2 Jul ’15

9 Months

Everyday when I get up, I go downstairs and Ruth and I have to figure out whose turn it is to go in to the babies […]
2 Jun ’15

8 Months

They’re holding things and grabbing things…from each other.
25 May ’15

I think they like watching TV

24 May ’15

We're beating this thing. #ChickenPox #Twins #POTD