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March 2004


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It’s amazing how quick it is to dismantle a bike and yet it takes hours to build one up. Tomorrow I should (hopefully, please god please!!!) get my B17 frame so will have to build that one up which will be hard seeing as I need  a hell of a lot of parts! For now though the Saracen is dead and will soon be appearing on EBay.



Damn – It’s 5:45am!!! I’ve been tryin to sort the frames on this page! Ok as sinful as it is I have been using FrontPage to write and edit this site so it may be the prob! Trying to keep the frames static but no matter how much I play with it they all wanna resize themselves. Any of you web people got a solution? – I am turning into a geek!


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I tried fitting this heat sink and it proved futile. Then after speaking to Dim I realized I forgot the paste! It’s far better performance then my current one but  the other one is blue!!!! Might put in a poll vote for it!!Anyway – about to go round see my bro


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Got into work this morning and realised that I didn’t freeze my  a**e off during the drive in then when i took my lid off  I also realised that there was a definitive smell of spring in the air…oooh longer days and warmer weather are coming!

The main thing is that my lovely frame was not waiting for me. What was waiting for me was an e-mail saying- “whats ur address again?” This worries me as its the 3rd time I’ve given it to him. He said he’ll send it off tomorrow.