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I seem to be stuck in a rut of self sorry feeling. Normally I would feel bad for a couple of days but this has been a couple of weeks. It is the realization of needing to turn my life around and get it going where I want it to.

At the same time there is the job thing. I found out only yesterday that one of the girls in the office left on Monday – She just upt and left. The reason: her job was to pressured for what she was earning. – That sounds familiar. I need to consider that my bosses will never be prepared to pay me fairly. They might and I will give them the chance but even still I cant help thinking that I need to move on. Go somewhere that does not hold me back but nourishes my talents and offerings.

I also need to think about whether or not I should continue as an editor. As technology grows it becomes increasingly hard to justify charging people what we do for jobs. Should I get into summat else in a similar line like concentrating on DVD authoring or should I go in to sales or summat? I just don’t know yet.

All I know is I have to sort a lot of things out soon


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