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January 2005

trolley rides

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So I went through Friday fine and then in the eve the cold came in force thus putting a real damper on my weekend but that did not stop me and the choomiester. We had both been complaining to each other that we were in grave dander of becoming boring farts doing the same thing every weekend so we went out for food but this time we played drinking games and both of us got trollied.

This didn’t stop the cold and right now I feel really quite poo. The good thing is that I am working from home today which makes things considerably easier


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A cold is developing within my body. I woke up this morn feeling a bit snivelling and now its getting worse. I deduce that wee colds are my body’s way of saying – Oi dumba**e! Take a rest. Probably true as this week the earliest I got to bed was 1:30 am. Needless to say I feel a bit pants.

Being avoided by bosses after asking for a pay rise – Good thing or bad thing? I had a meeting with them at the start of last week and they have avoided the subject since then.

designey and dat

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I’ve been really busy trying to develop some other web projects at the moment. Looking at setting up templates and hosting companies and domain registrars in an attempt to get my self started. It’s a pain in the a**e.!

At the same time I am realising I don’t like the new layout of this site and am thinking of changing it back to the original design.


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I have been really bored this week. – I have been faffing around a lot. I did sort out the Mac though which was ace. It now operates like a Mac should.

On another note: been looking at Matt’s pics on his site – I like that boys style


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Ok so a small business plan is forming in my mind. I need to sort out me s**t. Get some more cash flow and I was thinking of web pages. hmmmmm


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I started my new portfolio last night and so far its looking great. Previously I had been doing it as a DVD but I realised it is not a good medium for a portfolio as its a pain in the a**e to update. So I decided to go for an auto launching web on CDrom. All the movies and stuff I am creating as wmv’s and I will put media player 9 for Mac and pc on the disk itself too.

This lets me use high end graphics, keeping the site looking slick. I’ll be putting some screen shots up this eve. This weekend will be full of working on it. – might actually ride my bike this weekend.


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I am quite disappointed in myself and my riding or rather lack of riding. I have a lovely steed and I aint using it. I must get back into riding properly. I am thinking of buying some proper wheels, as in 26″ not 24″ and also doing away with the Chain device and slapping on a full 3 ring chain set and mech. – SHOCK HORROR! Mark with a full chain set??? Yes it is true.

It is well and truly time to stop moaning about it all the time and actually take action. I don’t want to be labeled as being all gob and no action.


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I have about as much enthusiasm as a council building being sprayed by a disgruntled farmer and his trustee slurry spreader.

New Year

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So the Holidays will end in less than 2 hours and the first day of work begins. A new year and my fledgling career will hopefully take its first flight some time over the next few years. Throwing away the analogy – I hope to further myself dramatically.

The potential for the year ahead both in work and personally is huge. Its very daunting and in some ways i feel like I am about to try to cross a field of eggshells with a steam roller.

I have spent my time being patient as I believe that one who is patient and hard working will reap the rewards. This year its time to be areaping.

To all of you who read this: A Sincere Good Luck in 2005.