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February 2005


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ARG!!! I spent all day sat rebuilding my PC and last night it crashed out – AGAIN!!! One of my raid disks failed! I think I may be under warranty but its such a pain in the a**e!!! I is not happy at all!!

Why oh why? I am being plagued by malfunctioning equipment. My 2nd PC at home is riddled with spywear and viruses and is acting in a weird way! Welcome to pop up central! My PC in work always crashes, you look at it funny and it locks up. My mobile has been really stupid. Our new web server is being a bitch too!


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Jimmer has got on the video page bandwagon and now has his own video page. Visit him at :


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EBay is a good good thing!!! On Friday eve I won this TV.

Now the only problem is delivery. Because its a 32″ widescreen TV its a little large to be delivered to the office and for me to bring home on the ped!

Now the seller has a reasonably good history with his neg feedback comments being about delivery so I might have to wait a while but still, it is a great TV for the money!

Ken idiot livingstone wants to raise the congestion charge AGAIN!!!


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  • Got a new wing mirror for the ped and a new number plate also.
  • Watched Big Fish which was a nice movie.
  • reinstalled raid and rebuilt machine.
  • that is all!

pc death ?

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My PC died last night. I got home and the little s**t would not boot up! It seems to bee hooking on the MUP.SYS file however I am not sure as to what the cause is. There are many things it could be but my worst fear is that the RAID array has died in which case i face loosing a vast amount of data.

I’m already thinking of a rebuild but cant face the thought of reinstalling everything again – at the same time that may be a good idea. Bugga!

On another note – I took this pic at lunch time. Not quite sure why, but I really like it.


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I’ve re done the video page!!! You should now find it to the left under the links!

OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OOOOOOW – I hurt all down my left side today as a result of yesterdays dual carriageway catapultation. Generally I feel quite poo and sore!

Evil Kinevil

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I am “Evil Kinevil”!!!! I had my first bike crash on the Moped on my way into work. This complete idiot decided to swap lanes without looking or indicating, I was forced to slam on my brakes and the front when decided it would be “fun” to loose all traction thus sending the bike sliding and me rolling down the A4. I was very VERY VERY lucky.

There was very lil damage and when I realised i was still alive and could mover everything I assessed my situation. Here was I sitting in the middle of the A4 with my back to the traffic looking first at my ped lying across both lanes, then up the Hammersmith over pass then at the a**ehole who cut me up continuing up the overpass! The idiot probably completely oblivious to what he had just caused!!!!. I looked over my shoulder to see a queue of traffic quickly building up. The nice white van man jumped out of his tranni and asked if I was all ok and I was.

The ped is fine bar a smashed wing mirror, scratched up side and shattered number plate, My clothes are torn a bit and I have a bloody sore left elbow, left ankle, left hip, left shoulder and left hand. Yup I rolled left.

I guess this is a way of telling myself not to be over confident on the bike. I will be going slower in future.

servere pain

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Bloody Hell! This changing server stuff has been such a pain in the a**e! – Our hosting company has been very reliable but with this change they have not been helpful at all.! – This is the 4th time I have had to sort this page out and i keep loosing info. – I aint happy!


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This is pretty cool: This is from a gallery from Twinklydave. He and the Richyboyo went out for a long ride in some stupidly snowy conditions. Damn that looks bloody cold! It makes me hate London. As I said befor we get all the cold but no benefits from it like – HUGE SNOOOOOW.

oh dear!

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Ouch! Due to the massive worldwide interest in Gack Trek our hosting company is trying to sting us big time!!! We have a monthly bandwidth limit of 50GB. It has hit 190GB! They want to charge us $1400 – Uh I DON’T THINK SOOoOOO!!!!

We shall see, my bro is coming round and we will call them and sort it!


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So I’ve spent the last couple of days off sick feeling like – well like a sick person actually – Wanted to think of something big and clever there but alas I fail!

I’ve had a headache all eve and I think it may be down to the pic.

Gack Trek

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This cold is NASTYYYYYYY I hate being ill.

My brother and his mate Mark had some spare time on their hands and so decided to do a stoopid video. Having grown up in a family who religiously watched Star Trek, Tom decided to do a shortened DUBBED episode. It is bloody hilarious. Funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.

To see the result click here: GACK TREK

WARNING: Its hilarious but has foul awful terrible language – parents avoid and if you in work keep the sound down!!!!