Evil Kinevil

I am “Evil Kinevil”!!!! I had my first bike crash on the Moped on my way into work. This complete idiot decided to swap lanes without looking or indicating, I was forced to slam on my brakes and the front when decided it would be “fun” to loose all traction thus sending the bike sliding and me rolling down the A4. I was very VERY VERY lucky.

There was very lil damage and when I realised i was still alive and could mover everything I assessed my situation. Here was I sitting in the middle of the A4 with my back to the traffic looking first at my ped lying across both lanes, then up the Hammersmith over pass then at the a**ehole who cut me up continuing up the overpass! The idiot probably completely oblivious to what he had just caused!!!!. I looked over my shoulder to see a queue of traffic quickly building up. The nice white van man jumped out of his tranni and asked if I was all ok and I was.

The ped is fine bar a smashed wing mirror, scratched up side and shattered number plate, My clothes are torn a bit and I have a bloody sore left elbow, left ankle, left hip, left shoulder and left hand. Yup I rolled left.

I guess this is a way of telling myself not to be over confident on the bike. I will be going slower in future.

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