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March 2005


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Its amazing how I forget just how much I enjoy riding. The freedom of the paths and the wind in your hair – its great. I wert for a nice long ride today and it was really great. I’ve been wanting to get out all week. There’s a galley under bikes to the right.

happy birthday webby

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Wehey, This site is a year old today!!!!. I think my web skills have come along quite nicely over the last year. I think this site has had 4 face lifts and many more re-arrangements of layout and that. One thing I still aint happy with is the archive section – Must get that working properly again. Anyway – Happy birthday webby!!!


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Now its not a case of laziness that has stopped me from doing much this week on this site, its more stress. I’ve had a lot on my mind with work and stuff so there lies my excuse.

Hungry Hols

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Well Its Paddy’s Day and I am not really intending to do anything at all. I am broke so there you have it. Will probably go for a quick pint with my brother this eve or something like that. In the mean time you can check out the Go onings in Dublin here:

Hungary!!!! don’t go there – I was intending to write a load about it but it was so unimpressive that I’d rather spare you the moan. You can have a look at the gallery though. – Very pretty place.

We had a good time but I have to question whether or not going to Hungary had anything to do with it at all.

boring hungary

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So we gots here ok! The r\trip was pretty uneventful – I slept through the take off and then got snippets of sleep throughout the flight but nowt sound. I was a bit hung over from Sat eve. We all went out for Sister Flemming 1’s birthday and got very drunk indeed but t’was a great eve all round.

Anyway yes – Back to Hungary. its a place u have to watch you cash flow in – Every dude is trying to rip you off big time. A stern hand and confident manner is needed. Right now I feel like absolute pants but its all ok – we gonna go to the baths this afternoon and hopefully have some mud lovin.


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Off to Budapest tomorrow with Bob for a few days. – He originally got this holiday for his lady friend but she gots exams or summat like that. So I am now to be his bed partner for the trip.

So Budapest? – Yeah that’s right I dunno anything about it other than its in Hungary and will take about, well i dunno how long the flight is at all so I am just hoping for the best really

For those of you who don’t know I went to Prague with Bob last year so its gonna be wicked!!

sitting in it now

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I am about as motivated for work as a death row inmate is for the chair. I have made a wee chatroom at the bottom of the page so you can either scroll down click here: WebChat or use the nav on the left – s’up to you.

first ride

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I had my first ride of the year today. Damn it’s been too long! The first thing were my tyres – Both of them almost flat then I found that the rear brake was pulling all the way to the bar delivering no power what so ever. Maybe cause the bike has been sat up on its rear wheel the brake fluid drained out somewhere but there were no leaks or spots of fluid anywhere.

The ride itself was pretty non eventful. I had to drop my keys off to my Boss in “Da Bush” So I just rode there and back with a slight detour through Gunnersbury Park on the way back. It was too damn cold and my a**e was getting sore. I am a riding wuss. Really need to sort my s**t out and ride more regularly! Roll on summertime and better weather days…..

Of course I didn’t use my new camera for these pics – I never charged it fully and I left the charger in work!!!

On Friday Eve I did the epic task of getting my TV back to my place. My back and shoulders are in PAIN! We got into town and the only place to park outside the office was a double yellow which meant I had to drag the TV up the stairs myself……. Behemoth TV V’s Mark = Very bloody difficult task. I got about 2/3rds of the way up and it got difficult – it was a major battle to stop it from sliding down to the bottom again.

Once I had it up the top I got it out onto the street in a relatively more easy fashion and we went to put it in the back of the car. I asked this bloke who was having a smoke to help out and YEA the box wouldn’t fit! DOH!!!!! We took it out of the box and got it in. – Dunno what I would have done had it not been for that kind Japanese bloke.

Final stage was on Sat afternoon – I went in search of a table to sit it on. £20 bought me a wicked lil table from a 2nd hand TV store.

I also got my replacement watch. – Anyway gonna stoop now and go to bed.

duplicating duplicates

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I gave to try and sort out the part of the site my brother has been working on. Gacktrek was his incarnation and he wanted it up along with up and coming projects as well as previous vids. – He is not a web designer and I have been trying to teach him how to do it all but it aint happening. The result is much duplication of files and folders. – I wanna tidy the whole thing up so its all nice and tidy!!!!


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Mr. Bob is returning to London – Woo YAY! If it works right he may be moving in with us which would be even better!!!!


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Another month begins! oh dear god no – time is flying by – getting an age complex again!!!!

Bob – gave some of us, his closest minions, some betting advice for the Oscars, I lost £10 so

But then again I am going to Budapest with him so maybe I should be kinder to him – All Hail Wonder Boy Bob!!!