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April 2005

New PC yay

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Super fast new PC’s are great. I’ve spent the last few days getting my new system up and running and I am very happy with it. Its a 2.2 Ghz 64bit Machine, 2gig ram and a 256 GFX card. to boost it that bit more My OS drives are 3 Western Digital 10k rpm Raptor Sata disks in a stripped raid and my main media disks are 2 standard sata disks stripped again. – My word its a fast machine.!!!

pulling curtains open

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Every morning when I wake up I pull the curtain aside while still lying in bed and I take a look at the sky to see what kind of a day is in store. I woke up this morning to a beautifully gorgeous clear blue sky in view and that is always good! I still have a lot of work to do which I neglected on Thursday but I can get all that done this eve. I think today it is gonna have to be me, my bike and some trails. Might do the Horsenden Hill Loop.

Over the past week I have been looking into PC parts. I have always been working to get my machine up to editing standard. I am now at the point of decision over Single 64bit or Dual 32bit. What ever way It will be £600+. The parts needed are:




2GB RAM (minimum)

Dual head 256 GFX card with core speed of 500mhz

2 x 120 – 200GB Serial ATA Hard drives

A Whopping big case (to allow for air flow and to fit the other 2 HDD’s I have)

4 x System silent fans.

Suggestions are welcome.

all nighter

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If I said I was tired yesterday then that’s an understatement for today!!!! Tom and I pulled an all-nighter last night to get this job done. Went round his about 2am this morn and left at 11:30. The job was good though and the client happy. Only thing now is that the Duplication company we are using has failed to call us with the job duped and they said we would get it this eve. Tom’s was going to meet client to hand it over but the dup company aint got back to us so we are a bit pissed off with them – CRETINS!

car alarm alarm

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With a night of sleeplessness thanks to the idiot who had a dodgy car alarm parked across the street I got about an hours sleep last night. I feel like crap and am in the office today struggling with a show reel trying to mix NTSC & Pal video signals in one timeline. – Oh the joy!!! I must say a BIG UP YASELF to Edd Dannon. Edd is JP’s younger brother and another Dannon to be reckoned with. You can just tell that the guy will be very successful. Anyway he linked me on his site so I have returned the flavour.


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Another weekend passes. Friday saw Tika and I go over to Acton to see wee Jacob. Tika almost had a total overload of broodiness. My lil nephew will have that affect on anyone. Sat I went to see Jimmer in Kingston – He was pissed out of his face it was hilarious. I love that guy. In the eve Sam JP and I went to the local GAY BAR! GAY BAR! for a few drinks then I cooked us all some dinner. Today I went to see my bro Tom, to talk about some future work – freelancing is looking up. We also talked about Mediachill. Some of you will know that Mediachill is our company and that this website is hosted by it but for the last 2 years it has not had a website of its own to speak of so now I give you the new and improved MEDIACHILL.COM I think its quite nice – even if I did do it all myself!!!


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I am having a confusergled day today. Trying to re-create the navigation pane for the site I’m working on and its seeming to be a pain in the a**e. All I have to go on is a screen grab of a flash document which I then have to get rid of the buttons to. Then I have to re create the buttons but its a pain as there is a colour gradient thing going on so I’m having to create all that too. Its going well but its a brain fry.

Also after having read the below blog entry about being lazy bout this site I realised that the other thing I keep forgetting to do is adjust the date per entry. I really need to go on a web course ad advance onto databases and programming, flash and better web appz. It’s a must but when to do it……..

woot woot – Jacob

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Well now let me see….. the weekend was good. Went for a pootle on the bike on sat. Did my old local loop round Elthorne park, Boston Manor waste land, M4 Underside and Boston Manor Park. Not long by any means but the bit under the M4 is always good to sit and ponder different crap. On Sunday JP his brother Ed and I went for a ride downt canals, We stopped off at the Southall bmx track and had a play then rode some more then went back to South Ealing to meet their Dad in the Pub where we spent the rest of the afternoon/eve. An excellent day.

By far the best part was at 00:03 on Sat my sister gave birth to Jacob Thomas Bull. I got to meet him today and they have done it again. They’re developing a habit of producing the most serene babies. He’s a cute lil thing


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My new portfolio is up online. There are a couple of videos to add to it but click on the link to the left to have a perusal.

Tika and I went down to a pub I really love by the river near isleworth called the Town Warf. Its got a really beautiful deck over the river and is never too busy as its totally off the beaten track. On the ramp down to the river there was this washed up bike which I thought summed up my career at the moment. We had a quick drink there then on realising their food prices have rocketed we decided to settle for Fish and Chips by the canal. – The canal stank so we jus sat on the Boston Manor Wasteland. These are from this eve:

body clcok

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Working from home does have its distinct advantages but my body clock is suffering. I have not been keeping proper hours at all and have been doing most of the meaty work in the eve’s thus sending myself to bed at very late hours. I think next week I shall make sure to knock that on the head.