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woot woot – Jacob

By 5 Apr ’05April 11th, 2009No Comments

Well now let me see….. the weekend was good. Went for a pootle on the bike on sat. Did my old local loop round Elthorne park, Boston Manor waste land, M4 Underside and Boston Manor Park. Not long by any means but the bit under the M4 is always good to sit and ponder different crap. On Sunday JP his brother Ed and I went for a ride downt canals, We stopped off at the Southall bmx track and had a play then rode some more then went back to South Ealing to meet their Dad in the Pub where we spent the rest of the afternoon/eve. An excellent day.

By far the best part was at 00:03 on Sat my sister gave birth to Jacob Thomas Bull. I got to meet him today and they have done it again. They’re developing a habit of producing the most serene babies. He’s a cute lil thing


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