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Another weekend passes. Friday saw Tika and I go over to Acton to see wee Jacob. Tika almost had a total overload of broodiness. My lil nephew will have that affect on anyone. Sat I went to see Jimmer in Kingston – He was pissed out of his face it was hilarious. I love that guy. In the eve Sam JP and I went to the local GAY BAR! GAY BAR! for a few drinks then I cooked us all some dinner. Today I went to see my bro Tom, to talk about some future work – freelancing is looking up. We also talked about Mediachill. Some of you will know that Mediachill is our company and that this website is hosted by it but for the last 2 years it has not had a website of its own to speak of so now I give you the new and improved MEDIACHILL.COM I think its quite nice – even if I did do it all myself!!!


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