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May 2005


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I think this is that cloud that appeared in the sky on friday.

Went to Silverstone on Sunday to see World Super Bikes which was ace – gallery to the left.

Here’s a few previews:


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Another hectic week – I aint being lazy – just busy. It all came to a head today which was probably he worst ever!!! Managing Audio work form Another Tongue, A DVD duplication job and a CD/DVD edit job – all in one day. It was topped of with my Internet machine blowing up!!! BUGGER!!! – I’m writing this on the edit machine now. The machine blew with some sort of overload. It’s made the 20pin atx connecter melt into the motherboard socket making the both of them useless!

This means I need another new motherboard and PSU. -I aint happy!!! So if anyone knows a nice cheap buy fully loaded motherboard – suggestions would be welcome.

pished pizza

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Well what a weekend!!!

On friday I met up with Bob and Meena in the North Star in Ealing. There much Vodka was consumed. My Brother joined us later on and then we went to Pizza on the Green and had us a fest of food. Funny how when your pissed food always seems to taste better.


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O. K. so I’m writing this with voice recognition and it’s quite cool because I’m not touching my keyboard on just sitting here talking to my microphone the only thing is that it does not quite pick up on slang words and the busters keeps on swapping words for other words . if likely you are lazy person then you’ll find this quite cool to use .

So what’s been happening ? I have been working very hard trying to get this website done, the one for work , and I realize now that in theory it should be finished this week but I have been into the office a few times and last several weeks so that gives me an extra few days. ago when you know if I can be bothered about this sick of the site.

may be a need to take a afternoon off and go right my bike . it has been nice with the good weather summer is finally on its way

it is may?

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I feel so uncreative and am having a huge mental block. Help Me!!

Just realised – IT IS MAY!!!! where’s all the time going?