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June 2005

are u stupid?

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You know the way there are loads of failing crap fraudsters out there who all seem to be based in african countries who email asking to send you money and u keep a percentage of it – Weeeeeeeell, I jus had the best one ever – from the son of the late Nigerian President General Sani Abacha – it reads:

I am Mohammed Abacha, the eldest son of the late
president of Nigeria, General Sani Abacha. I was
falsely accused me of murder and as such was
imprisoned, but thanks to Allah, I have been released
for my innocence.Well dear friend I need your
assistance in transferring some of my money into your
account,because the government is making plans to
seize them, as they did to my father’s own.
the amount is $35million in a FINACIAL INSTITUTION in
EUROPE. All that is needed is to have a trust worthy
and capable person to act on my behalf to claim the
have your assurance instructions will be given to
the FINACIAL INSTITUTION to deal with you as
beneficiary to receive the 2 boxes. I will remunerate
you with 30% of the total funds as compensation for
your assistance, (10%) would be set aside to take
care of all expenses we may incur during the
transaction. To indicate your interest, contact me
urgently and confidentially for more information and
the roles you will play in this business. All the
legal information concerning this Money will be sent
to you as soon as we agree together.
I have been confined only to within the country only,
So I will get you the needed information with my
secret phone number. If this proposal satisfies you,
please contact me immediately with your full names,
telephone and fax numbers through the email address
below. Thanks for your cooperation.

Best Regards.
Mohammed Abacha.

They really don’t get better than that!!!! I really honestly feel sorry for the guy – top marks for effort though, its really quite inventive. I like the idea of over $10 million. What a t**t.

Blah Blah Blah

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Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah moan gripe yawn bored!!! Today I have been mostly doing:

  • Went to office in soho.
  • almost hit by stupid mini cab
  • went to my bro’s place
  • ate a kebab
  • had a few phone calls
  • watched more mind numbing TV
  • aspired to be better then realised it was too much effort so went back to the tv
  • got bored
  • did some work
  • watched the hale storm and lightning from kebab shop.
  • felt sorry for myself
  • planned out my lottery winnings spending – £10 dont buy much.

That’s pretty much it.

South America here they come

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So Yesterday Bob and Cass left the country for their 2 month trek around South America. I would love to be with them but then I’d also love to win the lottery. They have no plan, no route and no sense. I’m more worried for Cass as she’ll have to put up with Bob. They have promised that, where possible, they will email me photos which I will post and if they email me regularly a progress report will develop here.

Was a nice weekend. On Fri went to a BBQ at Bob’s parents place – kind of a farewell thing but was washed out with rain but still nice. Sat went to my Bro’s place with the intention of another BBQ but cold weather dictated otherwise so it was a takeout. Bob and I came back to mine and watched a couple of Movies – Layer Cake and Sexy Beast – Great British Movies. Yesterday I went again to Bob’s as was invited to the elite family dinner and said my own goodbyes. Did the whole “be careful thing”. I was sad to see Bob go.

Am worried bout money. – Rent is due and I aint been paid!!! DOH!


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Right there are a few things i need to sort out on Mr. Beasty. Firstly is the disc hose on the front so I can actually get full travel from the psylo. I need to get the psylo serviced, new chain and rear cassette, chain rings for the chain-set so I can attach the spyder and outer plate, the front wheel needs truing. All of this is gonna cost me about £150. However I have 2 months rent to pay this month, My bosses are in Cannes so no-on is authorized to pay me and My bro and I have not been paid for over 2 months on a job that’s worth about£1200 quid to me. waiting waiting waiting…..


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Its HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT HOT HOT! Summer has definitely arrived in force. I love the hot weather. Have had a really good weekend.

On Friday I went to the Hogshead in Ealing – yes the one I used to work in – where Tom’s girlfriend is working and we proceeded to drink copiously. Got back to mine and was chattin to Kev and Jimmer on MSN where I drank even more. I topped it all off with tea and ginger nut biscuits. I woke up at 5am and yaked me guts. That was the bad bit. On Sat morn I did this new design to the site and then I got a call from Jimmer. I rode down the river and met up with him and Ben down in Ham Common with the sole intention of not drinking and ended up on double Vodkas for the rest of the eve. This time the ride back helped the sobering process – i think i sweat it all out. Today Bob came over to mine and we chilled out for a bit till Claudia belled me and we met her back again in the Hogs head. -Altogether a great weekend.


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Welcome to another new design. Again there’s a poll for you to vote on how u like it and so on. – Not gonna say much else as it’s too damn hot to be sitting in!!!

The Long Long Drive

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Now that was a harsh weekend. – It was great but harsh. On Fri morning i left London with bob in a huge transit van heading for Edinburger. It took us about 10 hours to get there and was a long way to drive but pleasant enough. The van was a s**t pile that was incapable of driving at speed up a hill. We had cinema tickets booked and just missed the first min of the movie. We saw Sin Cities – I highly recommend it – Best movie I’ve seen in the last few years. – Also if you have a chance to check out the comic strip its based on then do. It’s almost word for word and visually identical.

On Sat we packed the Van and had a party which we stayed to late as we were supposed to leave in the morn at 9am.

The return leg of the journey took almost 13hours. – I told u the van was a heap. We left London at 10:30 am and eventually got to bed by 2.30 – exhausted and wiped out.


MARKS TIP : If renting a vehicle for a long distance journey = DON’T use the cheap companies – use a big major one.


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Well June started quite literally with a bang! On Tues night a guy was shot just outside my front door!! What a great neighborhood I live in. There I was working away and suddenly I heard that distinctive sound of repeated gunfire!!!

Oh I love London!!!

It’s now June – and DAAAAAAMN this year’s smokin by. Lets hope the summer has lots in store.