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Its HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT HOT HOT! Summer has definitely arrived in force. I love the hot weather. Have had a really good weekend.

On Friday I went to the Hogshead in Ealing – yes the one I used to work in – where Tom’s girlfriend is working and we proceeded to drink copiously. Got back to mine and was chattin to Kev and Jimmer on MSN where I drank even more. I topped it all off with tea and ginger nut biscuits. I woke up at 5am and yaked me guts. That was the bad bit. On Sat morn I did this new design to the site and then I got a call from Jimmer. I rode down the river and met up with him and Ben down in Ham Common with the sole intention of not drinking and ended up on double Vodkas for the rest of the eve. This time the ride back helped the sobering process – i think i sweat it all out. Today Bob came over to mine and we chilled out for a bit till Claudia belled me and we met her back again in the Hogs head. -Altogether a great weekend.


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