South America here they come

So Yesterday Bob and Cass left the country for their 2 month trek around South America. I would love to be with them but then I’d also love to win the lottery. They have no plan, no route and no sense. I’m more worried for Cass as she’ll have to put up with Bob. They have promised that, where possible, they will email me photos which I will post and if they email me regularly a progress report will develop here.

Was a nice weekend. On Fri went to a BBQ at Bob’s parents place – kind of a farewell thing but was washed out with rain but still nice. Sat went to my Bro’s place with the intention of another BBQ but cold weather dictated otherwise so it was a takeout. Bob and I came back to mine and watched a couple of Movies – Layer Cake and Sexy Beast – Great British Movies. Yesterday I went again to Bob’s as was invited to the elite family dinner and said my own goodbyes. Did the whole “be careful thing”. I was sad to see Bob go.

Am worried bout money. – Rent is due and I aint been paid!!! DOH!

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