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July 2005


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Where is the summer??? Who stole it???? -It’s August tomorrow!!!

Big up to Dave and Rich for completing the Transalps Race – Well done boys.


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OK, so despite the bad helmet hair, stubble, my arm appearing unusually hairy and the red eyes…….Good God I look like s**t.

It is a major juggling act at the moment trying to keep clients happy. There just is not enough time to do everything. Tomorrow and Thurs I’m down at Anna Valley getting training on their spangly new LED screens. That should bring me alot of work. I’m back at Another Tongue on Friday and next week to finish of the Vol 5 CD’s, Ministry want me to go in to finish a project for them which I’m worried about as the time frame for the job I think is very tight. Then I have this other project which is loose with dates and as its for a mate I’m doing it cheap……….It’s nice to be in demand!!!


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Right – First things first –


Its my sis Angie’s birthday so a big upyaself to her….self.

A busy weekend. – Highlight of it was Ministry. I got down there at 10.15pm to set up. Luckily My bro had hired some camera gear so the poor light with the kit I had was replace by a fully working unit. Its funny how pissed people react to cameras – I got some very odd, nice, and scared looks. It was a lil lacking in foxy ladies. All the fit ones had blokes and there were quite a few horsealikes.

Sam is leaving da house. She told us on Friday that she was gonna move out which is admittedly a huge disappointment. So we have a room. If you know anyone looking for a room in west London gimme a shout.

Bob – You are THE DUDE, Now I mean this in Big Lebowski proportions times 100. I love u man and keep rockin it on.

Club Shoot

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This has been a really busy week. I have been back at The Another Tongue offices going over the new CD. Its been intensely tedious but all has to be done. It has actually been nice having some regularity of hours though. I’ve become so used to working weird / unstructured hours that it makes a pleasant change. I’ll be here next week too. Tomorrow I am down at Ministry of Sound again doing another video job and it looks like that on Sat eve I’ll be down there shooting inside the club. It should be great.

Sunday I will be taking it nice and easy. I plan to do no work what so ever. you see the thing is with the regular work is that I am shattered. Not used to it at all and my sleep patterns – actually no i dont have sleep patters, and that’s the problem. So on Sunday I’ll take it easy, may go for a wee ride on the beasty but otherwise i’ll jus be cotchin.


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A full weekend to say the least. Friday was battling with an overheated PC trying to retrieve data. Sat was better with some sun basking in the garden and the I went with me bro and Mark and his girlie Charlie down to Guildfest to meet THUNDER. Was an interesting eve getting full access to backstage and so on with lots of free beer but seeing as I knew no-one there it was odd.

Today was great. JP and I met up with Phil, Carmen and their kids for a pub lunch. Its always really bizarre when you meet up with mates who are married with Kids. Kinda feel like saying “noooooo it’s too early cause if you are married then I should be tooooooo!!!” IT was cool though. Phil has produced 2 beautiful kids. He’s a happy and lucky man. Later on Jimmer came over and we went to the wee Irish bar across the road with the intention of having a quick pint but as always with Jimmer it turned into several. Now I am tired – I go bed….zzzzzzzzz

Isleworth BMX Track

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So when I finished work this eve I was thinking of going for a ride but as I have said before I have been so bored with the lack of spots and play spots so I went ont tinterweb to have a look at some places and I found this the isleworth BMX track. Now It looked pretty far so I decided I’d jump on the ped to see if i could find it. Now its a bit run down but it has a start ramp and a structure of some sort which I can only guess is the commenty box. Anyway Me and JP are gonna cruise down there on Sunday for a bit of a play. There’s a gallery of it to the left.


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Busy busy busy day. My 3rd day on the job at Ministry of Sound. To say this second job for them has been difficult would be an understatement. The footage I was supposed to be using was a pile of summat that rhythms with mite! Even still I did some magnificent turd polishing and they were very very happy.

Now I am continuing with Vol5. – Will be finished tomorrow at some point.

London Deaths

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50 People dead It really is horrific. They are still unsure about how many are dead from the bus. This is probably because they are still trying to count body parts.

I am off to bristol now to see Kev and Toni so I hope everyone has a good weekend.

London Bombs

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Now I normally try not to swear on this site in case it offends people but today is an exception. The people responsible for the London Bombings this morning are a bunch of W****RS!!!

That is probably too trivial a term but it angers me. 911 was bad and I remember that day and the feelings I was having also the Ealing bomb – although pretty much an isolated incident it still has an affect.

What really gets me is how pointless it is. Regardless of their message or their objective, what ever it is they are trying to say – it makes The British Government even more defiant thus proving to be pointless. At this point there are 38 confirmed Dead. 38 innocent people. F**king hell its bloody disgusting. God bless their families and friends. I can only be grateful that I and no-one I know was caught up in it.


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to go along with the new video section – I’ve redone the Video section and got rid of the TV design and just have the vids on the page raw. The New Video is the one called “Super Macro”.



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Well if you are an American then happy independence day. Also if you happen to be speaking to your countries leader and tell him to pull his thumb out about the world trade issues and the global warming issues. Every country will need to make sacrifices to sort these things out so why should the US be except.

Now you should all know that I dont have a political stance on stuff normally – I dont vote and have no desire to but I do have opinions on certain matters and with the G8 Meeting happening soon this is one of those occasions. I’ve been getting truly annoyed with the Americans and think that maybe on this day – their own independence day – they can reflect on the short comings of others.


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I crave a good nights sleep. – Have not been getting much at all and its not nice.

BOB AND cASS SEEM TO BE HAVING an ace time in South America You can read their emails by clicking the link on the right.

Going down to jimmers place now – oh I forgot to say – KRAFTYSPAGE has closed – Jimmy couldn’t be a**ed with it anymore so its all over. – Might get a revival going soon. Anyway going down to Kingston on the beasty and if the weather holds we’ll go riding down’t river.



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Whoa, its July! Where the hell did that come from? – Its early or late bout 3:30am – I cant sleep so am doing some work. The reason for no sleep?

What does not help is that I am finding some of my work quite tedious. Its hard work and some of the artists VO’s I’m cutting are long. When they have a reel that’s 6-7 mins I gotta cut it down to 2 mins. YAAAAAAAAAAAWN! -Think I try more sleep again.