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London Bombs

By 7 Jul ’05No Comments

Now I normally try not to swear on this site in case it offends people but today is an exception. The people responsible for the London Bombings this morning are a bunch of W****RS!!!

That is probably too trivial a term but it angers me. 911 was bad and I remember that day and the feelings I was having also the Ealing bomb – although pretty much an isolated incident it still has an affect.

What really gets me is how pointless it is. Regardless of their message or their objective, what ever it is they are trying to say – it makes The British Government even more defiant thus proving to be pointless. At this point there are 38 confirmed Dead. 38 innocent people. F**king hell its bloody disgusting. God bless their families and friends. I can only be grateful that I and no-one I know was caught up in it.


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