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A full weekend to say the least. Friday was battling with an overheated PC trying to retrieve data. Sat was better with some sun basking in the garden and the I went with me bro and Mark and his girlie Charlie down to Guildfest to meet THUNDER. Was an interesting eve getting full access to backstage and so on with lots of free beer but seeing as I knew no-one there it was odd.

Today was great. JP and I met up with Phil, Carmen and their kids for a pub lunch. Its always really bizarre when you meet up with mates who are married with Kids. Kinda feel like saying “noooooo it’s too early cause if you are married then I should be tooooooo!!!” IT was cool though. Phil has produced 2 beautiful kids. He’s a happy and lucky man. Later on Jimmer came over and we went to the wee Irish bar across the road with the intention of having a quick pint but as always with Jimmer it turned into several. Now I am tired – I go bed….zzzzzzzzz


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