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Club Shoot

By 21 Jul ’05August 2nd, 2011No Comments

This has been a really busy week. I have been back at The Another Tongue offices going over the new CD. Its been intensely tedious but all has to be done. It has actually been nice having some regularity of hours though. I’ve become so used to working weird / unstructured hours that it makes a pleasant change. I’ll be here next week too. Tomorrow I am down at Ministry of Sound again doing another video job and it looks like that on Sat eve I’ll be down there shooting inside the club. It should be great.

Sunday I will be taking it nice and easy. I plan to do no work what so ever. you see the thing is with the regular work is that I am shattered. Not used to it at all and my sleep patterns – actually no i dont have sleep patters, and that’s the problem. So on Sunday I’ll take it easy, may go for a wee ride on the beasty but otherwise i’ll jus be cotchin.


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