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Right – First things first –


Its my sis Angie’s birthday so a big upyaself to her….self.

A busy weekend. – Highlight of it was Ministry. I got down there at 10.15pm to set up. Luckily My bro had hired some camera gear so the poor light with the kit I had was replace by a fully working unit. Its funny how pissed people react to cameras – I got some very odd, nice, and scared looks. It was a lil lacking in foxy ladies. All the fit ones had blokes and there were quite a few horsealikes.

Sam is leaving da house. She told us on Friday that she was gonna move out which is admittedly a huge disappointment. So we have a room. If you know anyone looking for a room in west London gimme a shout.

Bob – You are THE DUDE, Now I mean this in Big Lebowski proportions times 100. I love u man and keep rockin it on.


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