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Sisters Flemming

By 7 Aug ’05No Comments

Had a good night last night with the Sisters Flemming. I met them at Leister Square and after taking the scenic route down to Covent Garden we decided on an Italian restaurant. After this we walked down to the river, crossed the river by Waterloo bridge and strolled down the Southbank. We went into some arcade place and both the ladies crucified me at bowling. I put that down to the fact I was being a gentleman and let them win – ahem. Next we did the best part of the eve – something I aint done in years – We went on the dodgems – HARSH!! m- Thems girlies are brutal. they seemed to have ot dialled in hitting me side on which is the worst. It was so much fun, I’d forgotten how much fun that used to be. – After this I came home. A nice pleasant eve with the foxy sisters.


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