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Meena B-day

By 4 Sep ’05No Comments

Well Its been a nice weekend. The highlight of which was Meena’s Birthday last night. Got to meet a load of Meena’s friends which was great. The jorney there was made colourful by bobbius maximus constantly calling me “C@#K Boy” and the general homo loving we were giving each other on the packed out bus. – Oh Yes The good times return.

Met Meena’s Mom and Dad and spoke with her mom a lot – she’s quite cool and now Bob and I need a leader board as to whom she prefers. – Bob will say its him but everyone obviously knows he is wrong. Click the sunflower for a gallery of the party.

Finally got round to tidying my room – The next stage is to re wire all the kit and PC. – Its a damn mess so it needs sorting but when its done I’ll be a happy boy.


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