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Hey aint he handsome!!!

By 12 Sep ’05No Comments

Over the weekend a lovely lady showered me with compliments and thought I was a beautiful man!! – Thank you! – It’s always nice to hear that. Now there is a point to this. She did suggest I loose my beard not because of the look – Generally the look is liked but it’s the feel. Now here’s the thing. Alot of my female acquaintances have also suggested this in the past. Now I know I did this before and i asked what people though of me shaving me beard off. I did it and did a poll for the general public to vote on but After going through with it My Girlfriend at the time was freaked out by it so I grew it back. – Now I am a single man so am considering it again. – Hey it aint every day I get a gorgeous girl complimenting me – Does this make me weak?


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