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I cant think of any witty titles for this today

By 13 Nov ’05No Comments

Now that was a nice relaxing day. I woke up about 1 in the afternoon – was a late one trying to finish the showreel. I put the stuff for my client up on the website and emailed him so he can have a looksy. As I was finishing up there was a knock on the door. Wohoo, Jimmer and Veri had ridden up from Kingston so had a brew with them and a chat and that. They left and I came back up stairs to check on how/if my bike was selling on ebay. AAAARRRGH! It’s not budging. It’s in it’s last 24 hours so hopefully it will sell. I’m asking for a very low price so a bargain is there waiting for someone to grab it. Next I was looking for mopeds. I’ve found a wicked lil gem in east London so if the bike does sell I’ll go for it. It’s not a vespa or a lambretta but its equally as cool. – Gotta have the cool factor – Na meen!

At this point my stomach was beginning to complain at it’s emptiness so off to the co-op i went (the should really be called the “co-s**te”). While in there ma bro belled me saying he was outside my front door so I told hime to meet me at the shop and he did Got back to mine and I cooked us a lil Spag Bol – yummy!!! We watched some crap TV then saw that “Raiders of the Lost Ark” was on. Now that is such a great movie. The we watched Top Gear. Tom and I both love the show but mostly for unobvious reasons. It’s the tech reasons. I love the way it’s cut, the colour correction used and all that stuff that I deal with. Anyway – Tommy boyo f**ked off home and I watched more mind numbing Sunday viewing. It’s amazing when you have sky or cable how with the hundreds of available channels there are times where there seems to be absolutely bugger all on.

A nice chilled out Sunday. Tomorrow? Look for some projects to get involved in and do some invoicing – people owe me money and I want it now!!!


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