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eBay sogay – eBay not sogay

By 14 Nov ’05No Comments

So I jumped the gun a lil on the eBay thing. The new listing is sorted so hopefully I’ll actually sell it this time round.

On another brighter note – Cheating the system can prove to be beneficial! In this case cheating a website for getting touch with people. Anyway – I’m a happy boy now!!! Unless of course the lass in question just clicked the link for my blog in which case cheating was futile.

Oh almost forgot – The showreel client was really happy with the reel – His agent has suggested some changes but overall he loved it – I am an editing GOD!!! – well no if I was an editing GOD then I’d probably have alot more clients and be working on stuff better than showreels.

So generally today has turned out to be a rather bloody good day. – Wohoo!


eBay sogay

I am not a happy boy! The bike did not sell and no wonder!!! It was only showing in the listings if you did a search using words in the description. So all the folk browsing through the categories never saw it. I’ve relisted it again and the same thing is happening. – I’ve emailed them lot at eBay and had a good moan so they’d better sot it otherwise I’ll have to go and hit them with a big stick like thing. grrrrrr


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