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overhaul needed

By 16 Nov ’05November 16th, 2009No Comments

Right I need a complete overhaul in this site – the plan is to create a new design concept for the whole thing and learn PHP. That way All my entries will be searchable and sortable, I’ll also be able to use my own comments page instead of the crappie baseportal one which is…..pants really. The redesign is needed as I wanna add scrobbler rss feeds and the like and basically get the whole site to be more advanced all the while improving my web skills. Nick called me today offering me some web work but it was php based so had to turn it down – I’m not in a position where i can do that. Need as much work as I can get my paws on.

Flash would also be nice to learn – would be nice to have my portfolio as a flash site.


Oh man I am tired – Got up at 8am this morning so didn’t get much sleep at all – feel wrecked now.


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