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Lazin on a sunny afternoon….

By 20 Nov ’05No Comments

Ok not lazin at all really. I put in a few hours on the mediachill site. I hadn’t done the production page yet and I wanted to get it sorted. I also developed a client login page. Very simple javascript based but it works and looks good. I rreally have to source soem more work. I need to get some cash flow going otherwise I might find myself living on baked beans. I’m gonna finish developing the site tomorrow and will be sorting other stuff with my brother. Then we can really start to market mediachill.

Went to my parents for dinner this eve which was nice. Had a good old chat with them. They bought themselves a freeview box. Although my dad was very happy with himself I did have to show them how to use it. I walked all the way over to Acton and it wasn’t too bad. I had my yunes plain on the phone so had a beat to match. It only took 35 mins. I am really missing the ped now. I havn’t heard anything from the police. It troubles me so. Hopefully will be purchasing a replacment this week or next weekend. We will see. I’m feelin a bit fed up today. The ped gone, not much work on, waiting for cash to come in…’s a bit pants really. This week is gonna be good at least. Gots me some tings to look forward to….


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