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By 29 Nov ’05No Comments

Some of my readership have commented that I am in the “sickening throws ” of a new thing and it its more than apparent with those feelings of bliss flooding these very pages. To you who have witnessed this I apologise for the soppy threads coursing through me. I just cant help it. I’m always honest & open on this blog so this is what you getting. As twinklydave said Matt will be grumbling bout xmas very soon so for the opposite stream you could always go on over there.

Poker was good tonight – I won 2 1/2 times my initial investment. Not bad going in my books at all. The day today was long and busy. Was down at Ministry, was there yesterday and am there tomorrow again. All good. Am off to see the new Harry Potter movie tomorrow eve with Princess. Lets see if it will be any good!!!


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