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Gonna get me some chicken….

By 4 Dec ’05No Comments

WEBMASTERS NOTE: I do apologise for the offending graphic that appeared here earlier today. I did promise that I would keep the sickening lovey dovey crap to a limit, hence the image has been removed.

I have been having a really really great weekend. Now to those of you who have accused me of being a soppy git….I DON’T CARE!!! No sorry really I am trying to restrain myself but when u got it this good you do wanna shout it from the roof tops and this is my rooftop baby!

Twas a busy week with most of it spent down at Ministry. Friday I was at home and caught up on a loot of stuff I needed to get sorted. Also the Princess came round. She took the day off work as she’s ill and I looked after her supplying her with a TV for DVD’s and lots of cups of lemon/honey based hot drinks for her cold. Last night we went down to Teddington to a house party of one of her friends. They all a cool bunch. We didn’t stay too long due to illness but it was a cool party all the same. I felt old. I think I probably was the oldest one there. Its funny really – this complex of mine. It’s not like it matters but it does crop up in my thoughts. I should really think of my bro in law and jimmy they gonna be 30 this year – HA HA HA HA HA.

Right now I’m hungry so gonna go Nandos…..


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