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Jus heard some of the best news I’ve herd in a while. James and Veronika got engaged today. Wohoooo!!! It was only a month ago I was commenting to Jimmer on how much I liked Veri cause she was so good for him. It’s so great to hear that one of my best friends is getting married. I am sooooo happy for both of them! This means there are gonna be 2 trips to the Czech Republic this year. They planning to get married in the summer. None of this long engagement rubbish.

Everyone please raise your glasses!!!

in Marky news… Had a great night out last night. Went out with My brother for his Birthday and had a wicked night. Met up with alot of Mexicans, Spaniards and some Brazilians. Went to see a band at the Walkabout in Da Bush!. The band were incredible the people were cool and I spen alot of money. All good baby all good!



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