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OK it’s not funny now.

By 13 Dec ’05One Comment

So its late again and I have missed out on 2 wicked events this eve. Firstly the Princess offered me a spare Fugee’s ticket but due to this project I’m working on with my bro I had to decline. I jus got off the phone with her and she said it was really really excellent. DOH!

Next, Bob offered me a free ticket to go see Coldplay this afternoon for this eve’s gig. The Verve were supporting…..did I mention it was free? Anyway, Bob got back a while ago pissed as a skunk and told me that gig was also excellent. DOUBLE DOH!

Now you may well ask – would that not have been a difficult choice? – Nah not really. Fugees would have won and they had the added bonus that I would have had an eve out with my gorgeous girlfriend so there you go.

Seeing as I am kind of on a rant – I need clients to pay me what I’m owed! I am so broke it aint funny. I’m getting worried bout Christmas. At the rate it’s going I am not gonna be having one and I don’t like that. TRIPLE DOH!


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