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By 6 Jan ’06January 6th, 2010No Comments

Dunno what’s wrong with me this morning. I woke up feeling bloody miserable. I’m just in a foul mood! I’ll probably snap out of it later. Maybe it is the comedown of the Christmas/new years season. Thinking about things and making resolutions and then realising that day to day life just continues along regardless.

Bought the Princess dinner last night. We went to Patisserie Valerie’s in Knightsbridge and the food was lovely – the service was crap but the food was very yummy.

SOOOOO, I shaved the beard off Yesterday. If you remember I did attempt this a couple of years ago and i have come to the same conclusion – I don’t look like me. I like my beard – that’s why I have one. To those of you who don’t like em – Tough cause until I have to remove it due to safety / medical / paternal reasons – It’s staying…at least until the next time I question it’s presence. (Now I didn’t Photoshop this image just to make it look worse by adjusting the curves to make my skin blotchy and increase the contrast of the stubble so you’ll all agree with me – oh no I would never do that!!!!)


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