Yes – Am off to Dublin tomorrow for 5 days WOHOOOOO! Can’t wait!!!

It was a bit of a wired weekend. Was all over the place!!! It’s ok now. A phase of adjustment is what’s needed and the gusto that is going for what you want.

On another note. someone sent this to me to day and it made me pee a little…

An Essex girl and an Irish guy are in a bar when the Essex Girl notices something strange about the wellies the Irish guy is wearing. She says, “Scuse me mate, I aint being funny or nuffink, but why doz one of your wellies ‘ave an L on it and the uva one’s got an R on it?”

So the Irish guy smiles, puts down his glass of Guinness and replies, Well, oim a little bit tick you see. The one wit the R on it is for me roight foot and the one wit the L is for me Left foot”
Cor blimey, exclaims the Essex girl, “So THATS why me knickers ‘ave got C&A on them.

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