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Later that day

By 26 Jan ’06No Comments

I finally put the Dublin Gallery up – have a perusal!!





Been a bit disjointed over the past few days. Trying to get back into the flow of things. Stuff I gotta do:

  • Gotta sort out the photos from Dublin and make a gallery.
  • Finish the Czech Holiday Video.
  • Do a showreel for this lady I spoke to last year.
  • Tidy my room again
  • Call a bunch of people about work stuff
  • Go see my Mom at some point
  • Stop writing this bloody list as its probably dull as fudge for you to read this.

now MEEEEENA has got her self a weblog!!! She jumped up on the bandwagon so over on the links you’ll find a link – go visit her or else!!!

Was Just watching Brainteaser. – It’s such a shame cause this could have been my Brother presenting this show. When the show was starting he was given the opportunity to try out for the job but when he went down there for what he thought was a pre-production meeting it turned out to be the actual tryout and he had 5 mins to prepare. The others had received the brief and info on it and were able to practice. The producer forgot to send that stuff to Tom and so he just had to watch the others then do his best. IDIOTS!!!



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