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What do you do when…..

By 27 Jan ’06No Comments

So I was talking to the princess on the phone last night and she was telling me of a grave dilemma she is suffering: A good friend of her father’s has been coming on to her subtly over the past while but last night came out with the suggestion of a date. Her response: EEEEEEW and rightly so. So the dilemma is this: Should she just ignore the guy or should she tell him that its very inappropriate behaviour ad he should never ask ever again, labouring the point that she will not tell her father but if he persists then she’d have no choice. – Answers on a postcard please….In the mean time I shall continue to laugh my a**e off and point at her!!

On another note, Dara made an observation on my site last night. I was trying to get my Webcam to work and was getting him to have a look at it. I have been using Google ads now for a few weeks and they have screwed me over!!!! I don’t get to choose my ads they choose em for me – anyway- click on the picture to the left and you’ll see what I mean – I think the princess will now be totally convinced!!


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