The weekend…

Right. So the weekend started with the boys of the house going to the rose and crown pub where we played monopoly. Steve got pissed first and then halfway through forfeited his properties and money to Bob who during the first half of the game had spent most of his time in jail. A short time after this I got bored and just to spite Bob who was winning by a long shot, I have JP all my money and property thus letting JP win in the end much to the dismay of Bob.

At this stage we were all very drunk and we went back to the house where much dancing followed. This included JP going outside to throw up. This then prompted bob to use our plastic cable washing line which promptly put him on the floor. After some faffing with the washing line our feeble attempts at break dancing were proving to be a hit with Fergus. JP took it a step to far by literally climbing up the walls and then decided to use the coffee table as a landing mat thus shagging his are and shoulder. It did tone itself down abit after this as we all slowly signed off for the night but I do remember waking up about 3 in the morning to hear Steve singing away.

Sat was spent working on a website for a cleint then Tom and I went off to see Thunder at the Hammersmith Apollo. Perks were included which included full backstage access and sitting having a beer with the band. Now this would have reached uber cool status if I was a huge fan of the band but I’m not so its was just kinda cool. They put on a great show but we were both ready for home by the time the gig ended.

When I got home I worked some more on the website then watched Batman Begins then did more work on the site and pretty much finished it off. which got me into bed by about 5am. 

It was 2:30pm before i surfaced out of my bed. Today was spent chillin out. i fell asleep again for a few hours and then got up and made some food and now I am here. A nice weekend comes to a close.

You see this is the best thing about being freelance. – I don’t have to get up early in the morning – muahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

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