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again, an uninteresting title

By 15 Feb ’06February 15th, 2010No Comments

Am listening to Jo Whiley on Radio1 and the common event from last night was splitting up. A shed load of people split up their relationships last night. It’s such a shame to hear when people break up under any circumstances as its never nice. There must be alot of depressed people out there. To those people I say – don’t worry – It’ll get better soon. To those who were doing the nasty on their partners – U need your genitalia kicked in severely!

went round to see my Bro. He’s off to Japan today for 5 days with Thunder. We did our usual tech stuff and work chat then we went and had a curry. I had……..a………Korma!!!! woo yay! So we chatted about this and that and then we went back to the flat and watched “Face Off”. I hadn’t watched this movie in a long time and I used to love it. Now its different. I’d forgotten how clichéd it really is. It’s really ridiculously terrible in places. It pains me because Cage and Travolta are two of my favourite actors and this was a huge disappointment. Oh well. “I’M CASTOR TROY!!!” Ever since seeing that movie whenever I’ve had to get photos developed I always put my name down as Castor Troy and no-one has ever questioned it.


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