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Feelin so ill i think i gonna die…

By 19 Feb ’06No Comments

This weekend :

  • Finally got to bed at noon on sat
  • slept for 4 hours
  • got up and replied to some emails an dat
  • watched some TV
  • realised the cold I have was actually a nasty flu
  • Showered and shaved
  • Got dressed fo JP’s bday
  • Went and met everyone at Sophie’s Steakhouse in Fulham/Chelsea
  • Had my first drink knocked over by a runaway handbag and the dippy cow didn’t offer to buy another – only had one sip!
  • Ate the best burger ever – no really better than the best one you ever had
  • generally had a larff
  • Drank a shed load of Vodka but flu prevented a state of drunkenness I was aiming for
  • Saw CRAAAAAAAAAAIG DAVID! when leaving
  • We all went down to
  • Sat around and spent £22 or a round of 3 drinks
  • Flu kicked in with a vengeance
  • Smoked a Hookah
  • Got a cab home
  • started to watch a movie with Bob but went to be
  • Woke up this morn at noon
  • watched TV all day and did tinterweb bits
  • Watched 24
  • watched other less bloody good TV
  • and dat’s it

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