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Woot Woot

By 17 Mar ’06No Comments

It’s Paddy’s Day! Going to a party tonight down in Lewisham which I believe should be excellent. It’s for Nick’s Birthday which was last week but its gonna be huuuuge. He’s got 7 different DJ’s and there are about 150 people expected including some Brazilian honeys that Nick wants to introduce me to. He He!!! mmmmm Brazilian honeys!

Again I have no money so I have to sort that s**t out. We shall be getting tings going better. The last month has been s**te. I’ve been stressed and depressed. Things with the princess really got to me, or rather I stupidly let them do so. But it did get me really down so now I have to pull myself back up and stop being a moany d******d. Tom and I have realised that we really need to get our act together with Mediachill. Lets get it sorted!


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